When girls play rugby

Witnessing a rugby game that only lasted 20-30 minutes, I could not help but be afraid of the strength of this sport. Each girl holding the ball was immediately crumpled by dozens of opponents.

Then they are often crowdsourced. Even so, every match is always full of laughter. No injuries have occurred and happy images are more than painful grimaces.

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Ali Shakonie is the British girl of Shining Rahus team who has 5 years of experience in this sport. She laughed when asked about the danger. There is no danger. She always likes the danger.

Rugby is a big fall, but just the grass surface of the yard ensures the thickness is enough. Rugby’s fall posture is also different from being felled like in football, it does not cause much pain or injury, even crushed.

Not only Shakonie – who is 1.7m tall and has a toned appearance and she is not afraid to play rugby. A girl just 1.5m high of Lady Geckos – said the small body does not affect playing rugby. According to them, rugby has many different positions.

Players with small bodies are usually agile so the coach is used on the wings where there is very little impact. Playing rugby also helps me to control myself. In this sport, players often collide with each other, if you do not control yourself will easily lead to a fight, including with female players.

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The world women’s rugby festival is increasingly spreading this new sport more widely to the people community. Peter Holdsworth is the head of the tournament’s organizing committee.

He said many teams from overseas, such as New Zealand and South Africa. Even he registered to reserve seats for next year’s tournament. In the 3rd year of its organization, women’s rugby festival continues to be a busy playground.