Tottenham and his American Rugby dream

Harry Kane, the best striker in the world, wants to play in the American professional rugby league. Who said it was impossible? What about Tottenham Hotspur? Take a look at the bottom half of the rankings, they are even behind Fulham or Charlton Athletic, two other London clubs.

But Kane remained steadfast, even when he spent a short time joining the Arsenal youth team. When you were young, you fell in love with a team and often didn’t for any logical reason, he explained. If you are loyal and consistent, you will stick with them.

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After four seasons, he is Spurs’ number one striker. This achievement also coincides with the ranking of Tottenham’s best achievements in the National Championship.

When Brady won the Super Bowl, Kane was playing in the Premier League match for Spurs in Newcastle. Sherwood let Kane start the match against Sunderland. And Kane scored.

He continued to be kicked by Sherwood in the next match against West Bromwich Albion. Kane scored again. Kane joins the squad starting before Fulham. Kane started in all matches of the rest of that season.

The time Kane was on loan in many places was when he first learned about Tom Brady. “I watched him on YouTube,” Kane said. When he accidentally scanned the documentary about the American quarterback, he was watching it intently.


“The way we go is quite similar because we are suspected when we are young. We may not have been the best athletes when we were young.” At Brady, who became a star because of his attempts to prove others’ denials were wrong, Kane saw a complete version of himself.

“There’s a pretty big inspiration,” the England captain said. “Not many people think he will be that good, even play in the NFL, and he becomes the best ever. At that time, it gave me the urge to look, nothing is impossible. If you believe in yourself and have a burning desire, you can do it.”