Tom Brady leaves the Patriots Rugby team

Brady has worn the Patriots since day one of his professional football matches at the American National Rugby. Achievements say it all. With the Patriots, Brady attended nine Super Bowl games and won six.

That score is more than any other player in history. Although Brady is no longer at his peak, many NFL teams are ready to hire him. The tournament’s best three-time player has yet to reveal his next destination.

But American media revealed that Brady could join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Las Vegas Raiders or return to his hometown of California to wear Los Angeles Chargers.

In all seasons Brady started quarterback, the Patriots have won more than lost in the main season. Brady is the Patriots extended his contract for two more years, earning 23 million USD per season.

Brady’s final season with the Patriots ended unexpectedly, as the team lost to the Tennessee Titans in the play-offs. The two sides reached an agreement to terminate the contract and Brady became a free player.

In many Americans, Brady is a perfect man, a real-life superhero. Brady has gone through extraordinary hard times and has yet to stop.

For those who are new to rugby and Tom Brady, you can think of him as a version of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player is famous not only for his football talent but also for his professionalism and discipline, so is he.

Since he was playing for the school football team, Brady told the coach if he could play in the NFL. The Patriots will never reuse Drew Bledsoe.

Tom Brady was not appreciated when he first started professional. He joined the NFL in 2000 in the 199nd draft and has only played for the New England Patriots ever since.

Brady plays in the role of quarterback, the most important position in football, equivalent to the midfielder in rugby. Only 5 percent of players maintained their careers in the tournament until the age of 42 and Brady was in this group.