Tom Brady – his spirit to make the NFL legend

In March 2020, Tom Brady, 42, left New England Patriots after 20 years of attachment. If in football, this is an event equivalent to Lionel Messi’s farewell to Barca.

Brady has worn the Patriots since the beginning of his professional career at the US National Rugby League – NFL. He is also venerated as the GOAT – The best player of all time – of rugby.

The achievements say it all. With the Patriots, Brady attends nine Super Bowl matches. And he won six matches – more than any player in history. He won the Super Bowl Best Player four times and another three NFL Best Player awards.

Not only successful on the pitch, Brady also has a fulfilling life. But to get to the present position, Brady has gone through extraordinary days of hard training and has yet to stop.

Since he was an intern at the University of Michigan at Merrill Lynch, Brady has shown more disciplined qualities than people. Tom is always polite to all, works hard, completes all assigned tasks and likes to feel busy.

Brady does research data collection before client meetings. And he did so well that after the summer of his second trainee, he was invited by Mr. Owens to talk privately. But Brady is determined to try professional football.

At that time, Bledsoe was the official quarterback of the Patriots and even considered the top star of the NFL. Brady’s ultimate strength, according to Belichick, is concentration. He always really focuses on short-term goals.

At an age when many other players have aged, Brady still wants to fight until 45, even 50 years old. He still burning desire to win, as shown throughout his career. On the pitch, Brady is always famous for his enthusiasm and likes to throw away his anger.

He once admitted to hating the feeling of losing and having to practice his body language in order not to make his teammates too horrified. Brady had conversations that encouraged teamwork so they wouldn’t lose in a match