The young rugby player made the audience admired by the strange way of celebrating

The star in rugby village, DeAndre Hopkins of Houston Texans team is not only famous for the gifted talent but also because of his “touch”. Whenever Hopskins scored points for the home team, he would hold the ball in his hand and run quickly towards the stands.

He let the ball touch the hands of his best fan. Not only was he a mere fan, but his mother, Sabrina Greenlee, was a woman who was blind. She could not see her son fighting on the field but never missed a match.

She always sat in the first row, where Hopskins could see her mother best. And it has also become an inspiration, a warm story transmitted by the audience with admiration.

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Sharing about his mother, Hopskins said that Mrs. To become a strong woman, as the inspiration today, Sabrina Grennlee had to go through many events in her life.

She lost 40 percent of her left eye vision with a scar in her mind that never healed. She underwent more than 20 surgeries in both eyes but her eyesight continued to fade and completely disappeared after a few years. However, this is only part of a series of days of abuse, death, parenting and the cost of making the wrong choices in the life she has to fight.

Greenlee used her experience to pass the energy and knowledge to survivors through domestic violence. In 2013, she built an organization called SMOOTH to talk and alleviate psychological wounds for abused women.

The story of Sabrina Greenlee was inspired by BRON studio. They had the intention to develop and build a movie called “Sabrina”. It follows the stories of life and how Green stood up from violence. The film was directed by Sam Bailey and Kristen Buckley in charge of the screenplay.