The story of Pigskins and rugby

Super Bowl is the most watched program of US television broadcasts. Super Bowl Sunday of the Super Bowl is not only one of the largest sports events in the States.

If you follow rugby you may have heard the word “pigskins” – pig skin many times. And if you’ve played the ball, you’ll see it’s made of leather.

Why are they called “pigskins”?

Initially, rugby balls were shaped like soccer balls. And it is made from a pig bubble. That is why it is called “pigskins”. In the past, rubber was not invented, then the pig bubble was a perfect choice. It is easy to find and durable. Also quite round, light, easy to inflate.

Giới thiệu kiến thức về cách chơi và luật chơi bóng bầu dục

Currently, rugby balls are not made from pig balloons anymore but still have the nickname “pigskins”. Interestingly, right?

China has long been heavy on table tennis, athletics, gymnastics. These are sports that earned them gold medals at the Olympics. It will be difficult for them to accept a new discipline with strange rules and also require a high body like rugby.

In sports, basketball is built up quite quickly, because the Chinese idolize Yao Ming – the first basketball player to star in the NBA. Like 10-year-old Liu Sicheng, desperately wants to be the first Chinese to compete in the US NFL. And certainly nothing is more favorable than starting from CAFL, a domestic tournament available.

Giới thiệu kiến thức về cách chơi và luật chơi bóng bầu dục

To develop rugby, of course, investment is required, and this has to wait for Chinese entrepreneurs to get involved. Over the past two years, Chinese businesses have invested heavily in European-style football. Buying teams in the Premier League, Spain or Serie A. That could take a long time to change.

On the other hand, a factor not to be missed is that in a sport like rugby, the air pollution in China is really a concern, and has been reflected by experts, sports doctors from the US.