Talking about the American Rugby Federation

It sounds unbelievable but the NFL was indeed nothing before Pete Rozelle took power in 1960. Although established 40 years but at the time the NFL was not much different from a rugby match in the frame. School staff with the support of fans.

Their 13 teams are on average worth $ 2 million each. The broadcast right to all the matches sells for nothing at the price of $ 4.65 million. Two secretaries and one temporary staff are all in force at the federation’s headquarters. Back then, baseball was still America’s most popular pastime.

Rozelle is a 33-year-old public relations commissioner. He was serving as the general manager of the Los Angeles Rams when he was appointed NFL’s sixth leader. He had a big plan right from the start, and less than a decade later, he has accomplished most of his goals.

The first is the renegotiation of the contract with the federation’s national television channel. This has contributed to bringing the matches to more families as well as greatly expanding the league’s income and reputation. He then plans to merge with the newly emerging American Football League to unite professional groups that are at odds in the sport.

And at the same time forged a coalition of 26 strong teams with players from all over the big cities. He convinced ABC to broadcast the week’s match nationwide every Monday night.

They built a show that would later become one of the most popular recurring shows on television. And he also opened a season-end championship called the Super Bowl. For Americans, rugby is better, more hostile, and more violent than football.

The sport of playing both hands and feet with an oval ball today has a history that began in the late 19th century. It is recognized that the first real game in America was a match that took place in New Jersey in 1869. In that match, Rutgers beat Princeton with a score of 6-4, although the differences and similarities between the 1869 game and today’s matches are really numerous.

There are extremely intense matches and the winner is the one who scores the highest number of goals. At the same time there are 25 players on each side, who can only touch the ball with their feet or with their heads. Different rules remained in place according to specific matches, until a standard rule was introduced in 1873.