Talking about rugby sponsorship

Since the establishment of RWC in 1987, Emirates has been the first brand to appear on player or referee clothing. Through their sponsorship of World Rugby referees, they are present at the center of every international rugby match. The elite referees who run the biggest rugby matches wear Emirates emblems.

They have worked hard to demonstrate the sport’s core values ​​and enrich the experience of rugby fans around the world. Their commitment to football is reflected in the growing number of sponsorship activities.

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They have also been the main Sponsor of the Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens for over 30 years and are the official sponsor of Cape Town Sevens.

They have been sponsoring Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens since 1987 and are their longest sponsoring relationship to date. The tournament is now firmly established as one of the best on the HSBC Sevens World Series.

In the 50-year history of Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens, They have been the Official Sponsor of the event since 1988. As the first stop of the 9-time HSBC Sevens World Series, Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens brought more than 3,000 rugby players. It is Dubai’s premier sports venue and event sponsored by the Emirates.

For the first time, they sponsored RWC 2007 in France as a tournament sponsor. And they continue this partnership to become a global sponsor by signing an agreement for both Rugby World Cup in 2011, 2015 and 2019.

They also become representatives at all international rugby matches through sponsorship of the World Rugby arbitration team. Those are people who always play in the “Emirates Fly Better” outfit.

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The second stop, Cape Town Sevens brings some of the most engaging, competitive and dramatic matches. You will find in the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Ten Series tournament.

They have a rich rugby sponsorship heritage and strive to reflect the core values ​​of this sport. At the same time They enrich the experience of rugby fans in the UAE and across the globe. Their sponsorship agreement with the UAE Rugby League (UAERF) has pledged their commitment to the continued development of this sport.