Rugby World Cup in Japan

Continuing the countdown to the Japanese world cup, the match will take place with the opening match between Japan and Russia. The new National Stadium, under construction in central Shinjuku in Tokyo.

It will be the stadium used for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. And this is also the stadium for the Rugby World Cup final.

As a result, the new stadium will not be ready for the Rugby World Cup, as originally planned. Among the other 11 stadiums will host 48 matches of 20 participating teams, one of all worthy of a special mention.

The local team, Kamaishi Seawaves, won the Japanese national championship seven times between 1979 and 1985. So the city became known as rugby city. It will also be the only stadium to be built specifically for RWC.

Data published by World Rugby and the Japan Federation can only provide hope. 400,000 foreign spectators are expected in Japan for the 3rd largest event in the world, after the soccer World Cup and the Olympic Games.

Moreover, all host cities are investing a lot of energy and money. And there are dedicated rugby stands at every event promoting travel or fairs.

Everything makes us believe that the UK World Championship’s recorded earnings will be overcome. And the event will be a betting win for the Japanese economy.

Japan will also benefit the nation. They provide rugby and sport facilities to the community and introduce about 2 billion euros of value added to the economy.

Thanks to this broadcast coverage, World Rugby hopes to replicate in other important territories across Asia. It is expected that there will be an additional 1 million students on this continent in the coming years.

In the country there are about 1600 earthquakes annually and about ten storms pass here each year. Even culturally, it will be a significantly different experience, not just for players and fans of lots of tattoos.