Rugby World Cup – France missed the chance to win the world again

Rugby World Cup final final in the city of Aukalnd, New Zeland won France close to 8-7 crowned the 2nd world champion. Once again the World Cup trophy slipped out of hand. French team in regret.

Rugby World Cup finals just took place today on Eden Park. Aukland is a match that has been awaited by fans of both France and New Zealand for the past week. And it is considered as the dream match of both teams representing the northern and southern hemispheres.

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At least two-thirds of the more than 4 million New Zealanders watched the match on television. In France, the number of viewers watching the final via television is estimated at 10 million. In addition, the match is also streamed via large screens at many points in major cities.

The French press has not missed the dream final of the French rugby team for the past week. They hope the World Cup will open a new history for French football, which the team has made three times to the final.

As noted by AFP in Aukland, the largest city in New Zeland was filled with fans of the host country, in the black shirt of the team called All Blacks. The French fans were overwhelmed in number.

However, this dream final took place tense with intense. Both teams defended tight, winning each other from the yard meter. The French players have played a game with all their strength, determination and hope for a long time.

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The hope of rewriting the history for French rugby in 80 minutes of final has not been realized. But the French players have the right to hold their heads high after a losing match.

After the break, the match continued with high intensity, the New Zeland players continued to score 1 more point with a free kick. Shortly thereafter, the captain of the French team Thiery Dusautoird put the ball across the crossbar in the 47th minute, shortening the lead to 7-8.