Rugby – playing is “dangerous”

The term “football” often makes people think of the sport of King originating in England. But in the US, football refers to what we often call football. Any professional player must accept the risk of career by the injury caused by this subject. Rugby is a sport that uses a lot of energy and a lot of impact.

Although rugby sports may seem, in reality there is a lot of appreciation for the elegance and the principle of fairness. It is also interesting to be in rugby ahead – it is strong, but not very fast players who are responsible to play.

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Rugby players often have to play in a situation where a broken hand is hanging over the shoulder, broken toes, broken ankle or shoulder. Only an injury can affect health for the rest of your life. Sometimes an injury deep in the brain that will develop in 15-20 years later and cause the player to become paralyzed. It is rugby.

The sport begins with a draw. The team that wins it has the first right to hit the ball or give up in exchange for choosing the direction it will play in the first half.

An American rugby team can have up to 40-50 people. That divided into 3 small teams including offensive, defensive and mixed teams or special teams.

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Because of the competitive nature to suffocate to fight for every inch of land on the field. So this subject is very dangerous. The hands of the men were equipped with full-face helmets and body armor and protective gear. They make them look like warriors to the battle.

This subject is so dangerous that even US President Barack Obama has expressed concern about the extent of its violence just before the Super Bowl.

He once said that if he had a son, he would have to think hard and long before allowing himself to join the country’s most popular sport. He also said that the sport should be less violent.