Rugby passion of Argentine hero Che Guevara

The legendary Argentinian guerrilla hero Che Guevara has played rugby for years. He also founded Tackle Magazine, which specializes in rugby writing.
In the story about the life of the legendary hero Che Guevara, one pays special attention to a very interesting detail.

Years later, Ernesto experienced many unthinkable treatments. Finally, the doctor asked us to move to an area with a suitable climate, that is Alta Gracia.

It was here that Che discovered the rugby ball. At first, Che tried his best with long tired walks, then swimming and soccer. Every time he played, he was always chosen as the goalkeeper. But he could not play brilliantly in this position because there was always an inhaler in his hand.

In the words of many friends, Che felt depressed when he was fired. And then he joined Atalaya, another rugby club in the San Isidro region. The famous Argentinian sports reporter Diego Bonadeo said he often caught sight of a young boy holding a pitcher running along the field.

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It was he who loved rugby. This sport taught him how to overcome the difficulties caused by asthma. And some people think that this passion gives him insight to find solutions to the revolutionary struggle.

He had get ready for Che whenever he needed it. Time moved to play at Atalaya, Che has another nickname is Chancho (Pig). That’s due to his upturned nose and aggressive play.

Mr. Pablo Piran, a grandson of the hero, said: “He loved football so much that he immediately thought about having to create the first magazine specializing in this sport. The magazine is called Tackle and writes reviews under the pen name Chancho.”

But later, he saw that the pen name was not serious, so he changed it to Chang-Cho, which reminded people of a Chinese name. Many consider him a midfielder, but for Diego Bonadeo, Che is a true central defender.