Rugby, All Blacks – Opposite emotional states

I knew nothing about Rugby except that it was the most popular sport in America until Rugby World Cup was held. Result, South Africa champion. Those who watch the match will know that South Africa plays better and deserves to win. If someone didn’t watch but read the news and statistics, it would still be interesting.

And watching the way all the players go all out to bleed is naturally aversion to a violent sport that begins to turn into affection at times! Unlike time-consuming and bad play in football, Rugby has stricter rules to somewhat protect the lives of players. You must see to know how terrible the subject is.

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The match took place at Yokohama Stadium. South Africa lost their first match against All Blacks and won the last match at this Yokohama Stadium. They was winning the Gold Cup against England – the team that defeated All Blacks in the previous round. So majestic, isn’t it?

That was the moment when the final whistle sounded. I see two states of opposite emotions on the same field. Tear. And smile. Of both joy and sorrow. Probably only in sports!

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The final of the tournament is usually the most expected. And the last two teams vied for the championship to have their names engraved on the trophy or be forgotten! Because people only remember the name of the champion. No one remembers the second place even though the effort spent to go to the final match of both teams is the same.

I hear the commentators keep reminding All Blacks. All Blacks instead of a certain country name so I’m curious and I knew what it was until watching the All Blacks game.

That’s the nickname for the New Zealand rugby team. This is the world’s top team with the most championships and the ambition to win the gold cup. I also don’t know much about New Zealand except that it is located in Oceania, near Australia.