Megan Rapinoe – Golden Girl Celebrating American Rugby

From a seemingly anonymous athlete, now become a world famous Rugby star! Rarely does anyone accelerate as fast as female player Megan Rapinoe.

This is not a name that is too unfamiliar to the international women’s Rugby audience. Especially for Rugby American fans. She used to bring the world cup, as well as the gold medal at the Olympics to the land of flowers.

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Rapinoe became the first female player to be known as a cultural celebrity, with a reputation beyond America. She makes everyone, knowledgeable about Rugby or not, pay attention, including the head of the White House!

The star wins the Golden Boot, the Golden Ball World Cup. It is the FIFA The Best award and now the Goal 50 has the right to be proud to represent the United States at the Rugby Cup in France last summer.

Through a series of activities, Rapinoe made people think and pay attention to the athletes. She also caused public opinion to question the equality of women’s salaries and women’s position in sports.

She appeared in public at the right time when people needed it most – as the person who dared to challenge US President Donald Trump. Rapinoe has always claimed equal rights for women around the world, and is the voice of a turbulent 2020.

There are supporters, others dissatisfied. On the one hand, they paid her respects for her achievements on the pitch. But on the other hand, they wanted her to keep those opinions to herself.

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Before the Rugby Cup final female ball, she even complained about the disrespect of FIFA. That was when the match schedule was arranged to coincide on the closing day of the Copa America and the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

And now, Rapinoe has become an idol for many other girls. She has been certified and experienced all ups and downs in her career. Thanks to her success, Rapinoe was dubbed the “golden girl” in the American sports industry.