Japan won the most unexpected victory in rugby history

The Japanese team shocked with a 34-32 victory, over the South African heavyweight candidate. On the day of their debut in the Rugby World Cup group stage, it was taking place in England.

South Africa has twice won the world championship. Meanwhile. Japan was underestimated before the debut of two teams in Group B of the Rugby World Cup.

Some bookies even offer a rate of 500/1 for the winning door of the cherry blossom country team. Experts say that only a miracle can help Japan win over South Africa.

However, the players of the Japanese team played bravely as boxers, attacking strongly, speeding, reversing all predictions and making South Africa stunned.

Karne Hesketh, a player of New Zealand origin on the Japanese side. He tried to cross the bottom line of the South African field to put the ball at the very end of the match. They made the history of football world to record an unbelievable result.

The South African team is not only considered to have outstanding strength with an experienced team participating in this year’s tournament. But also the team that won Japan in all 12 previous encounters.

Before this surprising 34-32 victory, Japan has not won a single World Cup match since 1991. At the same time, South Africa has always been in the world championship as a bright candidate, and champion. two years 1995 and 2007.

Japan’s victory is considered the most surprising result of the top six shocks in Rugby World Cup history. The shock of this match is evident through the reaction of the insiders, and from the public opinion and the world media.

Clive Woodward praised Japan for making the match against South Africa the most compelling match in rugby World Cup history. Many other big names in the rugby world praise Japan for having an excellent performance.

The 55-year-old coach has an Australian father and a Japanese mother. He used to be the head coach of Australia losing to England at the 2003 World Cup final. He was also the assistant coach of South Africa the year they won the world championship.