How Rugby conquered Asia

The Rugby World Championship, Rugby World Cup 2020 has officially opened in Japan. 20 national teams will compete to select the champion of rugby world. This is the first time the tournament has been held in an Asian country.

Choosing Japan as the host of the tournament, the World Rugby Federation aims to conquer a new continent to internationalize the sport. It is inherently attractive in competition but not yet widely available.

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Since 1886, Rugby has established IRFB (International Rugby Football Board) before being renamed World Rugby as it is today. The first institution to administer 15 and 7-player football.

It was not until 1987 that rugby football celebrated its first World Championship in New Zealand. At that time, the World Rugby Federation had only 8 members. After this event, the nations massively joined the rugby village, so far World Rugby has gathered 105 official member states.

However, rugby is still a strange sport for many countries on the planet, in addition to the quite complex rules. So the World Championship is still a closed club. From 1987 to now only 25 teams can participate in the World Cup.

For a year now, the World Federation’s development program aims to develop 1 million players in Asia. Outside of Japan, the goal of World Rugby is also the country of 1.4 billion people is China.

Currently only a very small part of the population, about 114,000 players Rugby. But they have also ranked 9th in the world in number. Success in the Japan World Championship will be the motivation for Rugby to push beyond the goal of globalization.

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With 1.8 million tickets sold, the audience coverage has reached over 96 percent. Between 400,000 and 500,000 foreign visitors will come to Japan to attend the world rugby festival.

The success of the tournament in Japan is almost certain, provided that the weather does not ruin the big festival. The storm season in Japan has not ended yet, causing concern for the tournament organizers.

The organizers had expected, if the match in the group stage had to be postponed due to weather conditions. The match score would be 0-0 and 2 points for each team.

This rule may affect ranking results. As for the matches in the knockout round, if it does not happen then back to 2 days. At present, no weather signs threaten competitions in 12 stadiums across the Japanese archipelago.