Carli Lloyd, new history player for the NFL

She is not inferior to any of her male colleagues. And she is receiving the support of many American fans to become the first female player in NFL history.

While Europe is reeling from the flow of football, in America, the country where rugby is the number one sport. It has just emerged a very attractive story.

That was the event that the female player Carli Lloyd was supported by many American fans to become a professional football player. And they will even compete in the American Rugby National Championship.

First we need to clarify 2 things. First, Carli Lloyd is not a football player. Lloyd has won the World Cup with the US twice and won the Olympic women’s football medal twice. Second, the NFL has absolutely no women’s league. And they also never had a female player playing with male colleagues.

After completing his duties, Carli Lloyd decided to visit the practice ground of the Eagles Football Club. Here, Carli Lloyd was challenged by male colleagues to show off his football skills. And she surprised everyone when she scored one goal from distance 54 meters.

It was a very difficult kick in the midfield line – something not many male players can do. By chance, an Eagles player filmed the scene of Carli Lloyd performing this kick and posted it online.

Since the video was released online, not just Eagles fans. But football fans across the United States kept sending messages encouraging Carli Lloyd to join the NFL. She is fully skilled enough to compete and make history.

The events Carli Lloyd just created is not only meaningful to her. Which is supposed to open up a path for female athletes to advance to the professional playing field.

Before Lloyd, there were a few female players who tried to break the stereotype but failed. Becca Longo is a case in point. She was the first woman to receive a football scholarship.

Unfortunately, that’s all. Longo said that basically, she practiced vegetarian because up to now, the class has actively isolate Longo. They do not accept playing rugby with women.