Another world of Rugby

All over New Zealand, nearly a hundred thousand international visitors come here these days are enjoying the exciting matches of the World Rugby. Rugby is considered a form of football, appeared for a long time in the history of England and then spread to many European countries.

Initially, this was considered a village match against each other, the ball initially used was a naturally reclaimed pig bubble. Players on two teams compete to catch the ball to bring it to the bottom line.

Catching football requires a lot of people, using both hands and feet to hold the ball, so at first each team is as large as possible. Almost all the villagers participate. The rules of the game were gradually perfected in the 19th century and then introduced into schools with annual student competitions.

To avoid the scene of jostling, pushing and causing injury, the number of people in each team is gradually limited. However, if football thanks to the simplification of the rules of the game. It should develop rapidly on a global scale. Then in rugby, each country still has different ways of playing.

Basically, although there are many differences, it is not difficult to watch a rugby union match taking place in the Rugby World Cup. The rugby field is also a grass field, about 100 meters in length, 70 meters in width, and two H-shaped disciplines at the end of the field.

Two teams of 15 people each, players of 2 teams compete to hold the ball forward to score or kick the opponent’s goal. The ball can kick, can hold the ball to run but can only pass the ball, not pass it first.

Due to the oval ball, the trajectory is unpredictable and according to the law. When a player has the ball, the opponent’s player will do everything to stop this player by hugging, pressing, or squeezing.

To overcome the opponent’s block, football players must be skillful, have good turning skills, good teamwork . And the main thing is to be big and strong to override the opponent.

The writer once witnessed the scene of two players rushing together and injured to stretch to the field in a critical condition. But for Australians who love rugby, this is really a men’s sport, a test of will, strength.